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Meditation definition

The practice of meditation is very useful as a CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) for treating chronic diseases like arthritis, asthma, obesity, depression and palliative pain management in various carcinomas.


Mind wandering around, mind wander around Past and Future
When mind is in present: that is Peace of mind.

Have a comfortable posture, close eyes.
Breath through nose, take deep breath Inhale and exhale.
Deep breath then let go; snore by applying pressure in the back of mouth.
Come back to regular breathing
Breath through nose, exhale through mouth
Breath through mouth; take a deep breath
Breath in 2 3-4-5--6, Breath out: 2--3--4---5---6


Stress is when the level of the activities of the mind is more than energy level
Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let go.
Be aware of the weight of your body
Feel your weight on the chair; let your mind fix on your chair
Your body is beautiful, and you love your body
Now imagine that you are in the middle of enchanted garden in the private sanctuary.
Feel the fragrance of the herbs and the flower
Hear the soft sound of the running water in the nearby stream.
Soft voices of the singing birds feeling the air surrounding you
Gentle rays of light filtering through the branches of the trees.

Be aware of your scalp let the muscles of your scalp relax,
Breathe in and out;
Let the golden rays of the light pass through your scalp
Let the cascade of rays reach your brain and let your mind energize.
Breathe in; breathe out.

Be aware of your forehead let the muscles relaxed,
Focus on your eyes; let the tiny muscles relax.
Breathe in and out.
Feel the energy flowing through the eye muscles to the nerves, to the brain
 and energizing your brain.
Breathe in and out.

Be aware of your breath caressing your mouth, your windpipe, rib cage and your tummy.
Breath out, feel the air caressing and relaxing your tummy, rib cage windpipe and the throat.
Be aware of your shoulders; relax the tense shoulders.
Breathe in; breathe out.
 let the rays of the light pass through your entire arm to the finger tips.

Let the golden light spiraling through your ribcage to the heart.
Now your heart is full of energy.
And beating silently in harmony with your mind, thoughts and the enchanting surrounding.
Thank your heart, thank the people who have good will for you.
Breathe in; breathe out.

Relax and let the millions of the pores of your skin open.
Golden rays passing through your skin,
Cascading the happiness and energy through out your body.
Breathe in; breathe out.
Suddenly your mentor angel appears next to you in the form of light, showers your entire body.
Your whole body, mind and thoughts are purified.
Breathe in and breathe out.
Suddenly you say that you are beautiful,
You love your self the way you are and ready to do the work you always like to-do.
Breathe in and out.
Feel your entire body.
Slowly open your eye; breathe in and breath out.
Look to the person next to you smile and shake hands.

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