New York Chapter 2 Committees


  • Goal: To improve the delivery of health care by pediatricians to
    adolescents in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties.
  • Objectives:
    1. To improve the delivery of health care by pediatricians to adolescents and young adults in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties
  • Meetings: Fall 2009, TBA 
  • Location:
  • Members: S. Cogan, R. Feinstein, Martin Fisher, Warren Seigel, Eric Weiselberg
Linda Carmine, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Weiselberg


  • Breastfeeding Brochure!
  • For residents, from the AAP: Breastfeeding Residency Curriculum
  • Vision: Reestablish breastfeeding as the cultural norm
  • Mission: Breastfeeding promotion through collaborative education
    and action.
  • Goals:
    1. Coordination and encouragement of state activities related
      to the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding.
    2. Assistance of physicians and other health care and public
      health professionals in the promotion and management of
    3. Development of community-based multidisciplinary teams
      for the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding.
  • Meetings: e-mail CBC for updates
  • Location:
  • Members: AAP Chapter Breastfeeding Coordinator (CBC), WIC
    Breastfeeding Coordinator, MCHB Regional Office Program
    Coordinator, ACOG and AAFP representatives, any
    Community-based groups concerned with improving the health
    of women, infants and families.
Lauren Macaluso, M.D.
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David Fagan, MD (Chair)
     E-mail Dr. Macaluso
Mark Welles, MD (Co-Chair)
     E-mail Dr. Macaluso 

CATCH Co-Facilitators

  • Goal:  The Community Access to Child Health Program provides
    pediatricians with small grants to plan community-based
    initiatives to increase access to health care for children.  If you
    have an idea to improve access to health care for children in your
    community or practice, you are encouraged to apply.
  • Meetings:  
  • Location:  
  • Members:
Ivan Hand, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Marino
Jennifer Pintiliano, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Marino

Chapter Newsletter

  • Goal:
  • Meetings:
  • Location:
  • Members:
Ishvar S. Patel, M.D.
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Child Care Contact

Dina Lieser, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Lieser

Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics/Children with Disabilities Committee

  • Goal:  If you have any information that you would like to share, please bring it with you.
    1- Specific disabilities like PDD, ADHD, MR, LD;
    2- Screening and surveillance;
    3- Reimbursement and
    4- Early intervention.
  • Next Meeting: We will be holding the next meeting of the AAP Chapters 2 and 3 Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics/Children with Disabilities Committee on Monday, June 16, 2014. 
  • Location: 
    Flushing Hospital Medical Science Building
    146-01 45th Avenue
    Flushing, NY 11355
    Room TBA
  • Members: Anyone who would like to attend should contact Dr. Levine by e-mail so he can arrange for dinner.
Jack Levine, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Levine
Family Violence

The purpose of the Chapter 2 Family Violence Committee will be to establish an open and inclusive forum that will increase the awareness and understanding of as it relates to the practice of Pediatrics.  Utilizing a multidisciplinary and culturally-informed approach, the committee will focus on identification, intervention, prevention and education in all areas of family violence as it relates to the pediatric setting facilitated by collaborative efforts to result in an improved community response and enhanced supports for improvements in systems responding to family violence.


  • To influence policy makers to prioritize policy issues affecting the health and well being of children exposed to family violence.
  • To create additional resources in Chapter 2 where children can be evaluated in a child-friendly environment in the management of all forms of family violence.
  • To develop lasting collaborations to facilitate working effectively with individuals or agencies concerned with efforts to prevent or intervene with the goal of breaking the cycle of violence within families.
  • Reduce the stigma associated with family violence by coordinating primary care provider efforts in prevention, detection, and reporting cases in a manner that supports victims in reporting incidences.
  • Through collaborative efforts, create a unified Family Advocacy curricula in residency training programs such that pediatric residents will acquire core knowledge about family violence necessary to engage in meaningful and creative community-based, policy or investigative work in the area of Family Advocacy.


  • Create new resources and identify existing resources that will facilitate a unified approach to the management of the different forms of Family Violence in the Pediatric setting.
  • Create new resources and identify existing resources that will facilitate a unified curricula for teaching residents about Family Violence and Child Advocacy.
  • Organize an annual day session in collaboration with other chapters or chapter committees to attract a multidisciplinary audience to address issues that will enhance our understanding and approach to Family Violence.
  • Members:  Ingrid Walker-Descartes MD, Jamie Hoffman-Rosenfeld MD, Steve Ajl MD, Debra Jenssen MD, Leslie Quinn MD
Ingrid Walker-Descartes, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Aggarwal

Jamie L. Hoffman-Rosenfeld, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Aggarwal

Fetus and Newborn

  • Goal:  Assisting practicing pediatricians in improving newborn care on
    whatever issues arise.
  • Next Meeting Topic: Feeding Strategies to Prevent NEC   
  • Location:  
  • Members:  Bruce Ackerman, Hedda Acs, Eleanor Babinski, Harriet
    Boxer, Frantz Brea, Marie Brignol, Salvatore Caravella, Susana
    Castro-Alcaraz, Jonathan Davis, Swarna Devarajan, Ed Dilello, Marty
    Ellington, Tatyana Gabinskaya, Alice Garner, Eustace Georgatos, Madhu
    Gudavalli, Rita Harper, Howard Heiman, Anatolyiy Ilizarov, Lita Isaacson,
    Ajey Jain, Paul Jean-Charles, Katherine King, Robert Koppel, Chetna
    Kothari, Michael La Corte, Carolyn Levine, Edna Lord, Belinda Marquis,
    Pranav Mehta, Gina Murza, Shahnaz Orner, Raphael Osei, Aruna
    Parekh, Ammukutty Paulose, Sudha Prasad, Warren Rosenfeld, Nathan
    Rudolph, Richard Schanler, Jerry Schlessel, Hari Shukla, Concepcion Sia,
    Myron Sokal, Regina Spinazzola, Andrew Steele, Allan Steinberg, Behzad
    Talebian, Gloria Valencia, Suja Vijayan, Kim Williams, Les Wolkoff, Ki
  • New Hearing Screen Resources page
Renu Aggarwal, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Aggarwal

Foreign Language Translations

  • Goal:
  • Meetings:
  • Location:

Infectious Diseases

  • Goal:  Update on current infectious disease issues; risks of piercing and
  • Meetings:  Monday, 
  • Location:  Nassau University Medical Center
                    Pediatric Clinics Conference Room
  • Members:  Donald Gromisch, Susan DeVivio, Thomas Bloom,
    David Annunziato, Mark Lashley, Paul Lee, Abby Greenberg, Stephen
    Barone, Sunil Sood, Lorry Rubin, Sharon Nachman, Leonard Krilov
Paul Lee, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Lee

Leonard Krilov, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Krilov

Injury, Poison & Violence Prevention

  • Goals:
    • To continue to provide leadership in increasing the awareness of childhood injury and poisoning statistics, and the proven strategies to prevent them, among all practicing child and adolescent health care providers and the community at large.
    • To emphasize cultural sensitivity in all our efforts and outreaches with an eye to making sure that all families, regardless of ethnic background or language, are adequately counsel about and protected from the risks of childhood injury.
    • To redouble our efforts to contribute to the attainment of the National Healthy People 2010 Objectives.
  • Meetings:
  • Location:
Joseph Abularrage, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Abularrage

International Pediatrics

  • Goal:
  • Meetings:
  • Location:
Gonzalo Sabogal, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Abularrage
Sanjivan Patel, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Abularrage

Legislative Committee

  • Goal:
  • Meetings:
  • Location:
Shetal Shah, M.D.
      E-mail Dr. Shah

Medical Student Outreach

  • Goal:
  • Meetings:
  • Location:
  • Members:


  • Goal:
  • Meetings:
  • Location:
  • Members:
Jessica Geslani
     E-mail Jessica Geslani

(See our new Vegetarian Diet Brochure or download in PDF
format, page 1 and page 2, to print for your patients!

  • Goal:  Discussion of planned Obesity study
  • Obesity Anticipatory Guidance Handout
  • Next Meeting:  Monday, October 26, 2009
  • Location:  Schneider Children's Hospital, 3rd floor,  Room 301
  • Members:  Alvin Eden, Steven Goldstein, Diane Haber, Dyan Hes, Marc Jacobson, Abraham Jelin, Michael Pettei, Julia Block, Toba Weinstein, breast feeding consultants
Michael Pettei, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Pettei
Toba Weinstein, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Pettei

Past President's Council

Membership limited to Past Presidents of New York Chapter 2

Warren Seigel, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Marino

Pediatric Council

  • Goal:
  • Meetings:
  • Location:
  • Members:
Steven Goldstein, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Leeds

PROS Representatives

  • Goal: PROS – which is the acronym for Pediatric Research
    in Office Settings
    – meets two times a year. The goal of this AAP
    sponsored committee is to obtain data through research in the
    offices of pediatricians, rather than in academic milieus, which
    was previously the only way information was acquired on children.
    This information is used to further the best care of children.
  • Meetings:
  • Location:  Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk
  • Members:

Paul Lee, M.D. (interim)
     E-mail Dr. Lee

School Health

  • Goal:
  • Meetings:
  • Location:
  • Members:
Richard Ancona, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Ancona

Senior Pediatricians

  • Goal:  The goal of this committee is to advocate for children, and to work
    as advocates with the Resident and Immunization committees.  Issues
    regarding financial planning and medical liability are also addressed.
  • Meetings:
  • Location:
  • Members:  Any member of the American Academy of Pediatrics over the
    age of 55.
Joseph Greensher, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Greensher

Web Page

  • Goal:  The purpose of the web site is to keep the members of our
    Chapter informed regarding activities of the Chapter.  Societies are
    encouraged to supply similar information through separate pages.
  • Meetings:  E-mail communication and suggestions.
  • Location:  E-mail conferences as needed.
  • Members:  Open to all members
Anthony J. Battista, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Battista

Young Physicians

  • Goal:
  • Meetings:
  • Location:
  • Members:

Shetal Shah, M.D.
      E-mail Dr. Shah 
Jennifer Theriot, MD
      E-mail Dr. Shah

Youth Advocacy

  • Goal:  
  • Meetings:  Monday, May 19, 2008, 7:00 pm                 
  • Location:  205 E 22nd Street,  Apt 7L
                     New York, NY
  • Members:  Dina Lieser, Anthony Battista, Warren Seigel.
Bram Jelin, M.D.
     E-mail Dr. Jelin


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