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Legislative Successes in New York State

Elie Ward

Elie Ward

(The New York American Academy of Pediatrics, Chapter 2, collaborates with the other two chapters to form a strong, expert and respected voice for children in our state capital.  As another legislative session continues until June, Elie Ward, MSW, Director of Policy and Advocacy for the New York State District of the American Academy of Pediatrics, provides an update on the status of issues for which pediatricians across the state strongly advocated.  Mrs. Ward is also Executive Director of Chapters 2 & 3.) 

Legislative Successes in New York State

There are seven weeks left for the state’s legislative session, but before we highlight what we still need to accomplish, let’s take a moment in these turbulent times and enjoy our major successes at the state level.

  1. Our work over the last several years and especially this year, helped get Raise the Age passed in the state budget.  Now most young people who get involved in the justice system will have their cases heard in Family Court, or a Special Youth Court, but not in Adult Criminal Court.
  2. And we can take credit, with our partners, for getting Medicaid Coverage for Donor Breast Milk for the tiniest sickest babies included in the state budget.

These are two issues that the NYS AAP has been championing for several years. Focused, consistent and strong advocacy by our members on both issues helped push them over the top this year, in an environment with multiple competing initiatives.
New State Regulations Help Adolescents

The NYS AAP also played a key role in a coalition that helped create and implement state regulations that have the potential to truly improve the lives of adolescents. New Regulations:

  • Permit Adolescents to Consent to their own HPV Immunization
  • Permit Adolescents to Access PREP as an HIV Preventive Service
  • Allow Access to Over the Counter Emergency Contraception with no age limit

Here Is What We Still Have to Do Before June 21st

We have key sponsors for our Standing Orders for Healthy Newborns legislation.  We will need your Advocacy, once we have a bill number.

We are working with key legislative leaders to move legislation Requiring Flu Immunization for Infant and Child Care attendance, A.1230.  Call your Senator & Assemblymember and let them know this is an important goal for pediatrics to keep our youngest children safe.

We have worked on the language for the “new” Child Safe Products Act, which would remove known toxic chemicals from children’s clothing, toys, furniture and accessories. I will let you know when we have a bill number so you can add your voice to our advocacy efforts.

We have filed Memos of Support for:

  • School Access to Blood Lead Levels  A.03899 / S.03941
  • E Cigs covered by Clean Air Act Requirements A. 00516/S. 0254
  • Prohibiting Sex Conversion Therapy  A.3977/S.26
  • Banning Tobacco Sales in Pharmacies  A.6956/S.543

Your calls and visits to your Senator and Assemblymember can help move these bills forward.  For E-Cigarettes and Sex Conversion Therapy, focus needs to be on the State Senate.  The Assembly has passed both.

The NYS AAP also provided comments with input from our medical professionals on many initiatives, like Cytomegalovirus enhanced testing, telehealth in schools and child care, cross state credentialing and more.

In addition, we have worked with the state to begin the implementation of Paid Family Leave.  We encourage all members to remind their patients about the availability of Paid Family Leave should they need time to care for a family member.  The very best advice you can offer is for a working Mom and/or Dad to talk to their employer about Paid Family Leave.

Statewide advocacy, along with the hard work of our Pediatric Councils, has resulted in most insurers now paying for Maternal Depression Screening.  If you are still having a problem with payment, contact your Chapter Pediatric Council representative.

The NYS AAP works throughout the year on policy development – keeping a pediatric voice at the table in areas that can and do directly impact children’s health and well-being.  Some examples include taskforces, work groups and committees focused on Value Based Payment for Children, Advanced Primary Care Statewide Stakeholders Steering Committee, State Partnership on HPV Immunization, with SDOH, ACS, ACOG, NYCDHMU, NYSACHO, Maternal Health Partnership (focusing on pre-conception health) State Immunization Advisory Council, State Early Care and Education Advisory, SDOH Breastfeeding Partnership, SDOH Antibiotic Resistance Work Group and others.  If you have a specific interest in any of these areas and can volunteer time, please contact Elie Ward at  Our members are always welcome to participate.

Now it’s time to pick your issue or issues and begin to reach out to your state representatives.  They are home in your communities each week from Thursday – Sunday.  Call, visit, e-mail.  Let them know what is important to pediatricians and why.

Whatever happens in Washington, we have a responsibility to continue to advocate for policies and targeted investments in New York State that can and will improve the lives of all of our children.