Children with Disabilities

Children with Disabilities Committee
Jack Levine, MD
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Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics/Children with Disabilities Committee

  • Goal:  To share any information regarding children with disabilities, developmental problems, or behavioral problems, including:
    1- Specific disabilities like PDD, ADHD, MR, LD
    2- Screening and surveillance
    3- Reimbursement
    4- Early intervention.
  • Meetings of the committee will be announced on the Chapter calendar
  • Members: Anyone who would like to attend should contact Dr. Levine by e-mail so he can arrange for dinner.

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), Division of Family and Child Health’s Bureau of Early Intervention is pleased to announce that the Early Intervention Clinicians’ Guide is posted on the NYC DOHMH website.   The Bureau will be mailing the Guide to NYC pediatric providers.

The Bureau of Early Intervention would particularly like to acknowledge the members of the District’s Committee on Early Childhood Development for their thoughtful review and comments to ensure that the perspective of frontline pediatricians was included in this document.

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ADHD Quality Improvement Project

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is committed to helping pediatricians provide high quality health care to children.  Engaging in quality improvement (QI) work to implement evidence-based guidelines is one of the methods by which the AAP can support pediatricians in realizing this goal.  The Chapter Quality Network (CQN) ADHD Project is an exciting program through which the NYS AAP – Chapter 2 will lead a QI effort amongst 10-15 practices to improve ADHD diagnosis and care processes using tools, resources and technical assistance from the National AAP.  This project is funded by an independent grant from Pfizer, Inc.

Participating practice teams will attend a series of four learning sessions, (two face to face, and two webinars), each followed by an action period during which they will have the opportunity to test small changes in their clinical setting.  During each action period, practices will measure progress toward improvement goals.  Expert faculty will coach practice teams to apply key change ideas into their own offices/clinics.

The CQN ADHD Project offers both you and your practice an unparalleled opportunity to improve care for children with the support of your local chapter, as well as expert faculty.

Participation in the project also affords the lead physicians MOC Part 4 credits.

For additional information, please contact any of our project team members below: