Strategic Plan

NY Chapter 2
Strategic Plan

  1. Goal I:   SERVICE
    NY Chapter 2, in acknowledging pediatrician members’ perception that the Chapter does not currently meet their needs, will add value to chapter membership by focusing on its communication, recruitment/retention and committee structures.Objectives:

    1.   Communication
    A.   Maintain Chapter Executive Committee members’ use of electronic access to AAP National, Chapter and District information of at least 90%.
    B.   Restructure the Chapter’s contribution to the NYS Pediatrician so that article submitted for publication accurately reflect the scope and depth of issues being addressed by the Chapter on behalf of children and pediatricians.  Encourage the submission of articles by more Executive committee members.
    C.   Determine other cost effective avenues of communication to deliver messages to Chapter members.
    2.   Committee Structure/Effectiveness

    A.   Assess the need for and the effectiveness of each Chapter committee using criteria which include outcomes for the past 2-years, identification of committees which were created at a time when a need existed but no longer exists, committees which might be naturally combined, committees whose contributions are perceived as valuable to children, pediatricians, the community.
    B.   Formalize committee structure including defining the role of leaders and members, reporting of goals and objectives annually, focus on outcomes (goal/objectives).
    C.   Identify the need for and seek sources of non-dues revenue to support chapter activities.
    3.   Recruitment and Retention
    A.   Provide Chapter Recruitment Chairperson with clear, written directives regarding the focus and expectations for NY Chapter 2′ recruitment and retention activities .
    B.   Decrease defection of Chapter voting fellows and other categories, increasing resident membership, increasing the numbers of pediatricians who are currently not members of the AAP.
    C.   Assist the Chapter Recruitment Chairperson to identify resources (human, written, etc.) which can be accessed at the Chapter, District and National level.
    D.   Establish a system whereby new members are linked with Executive Committee members who can personally welcome members, orient them to Chapter structure and activities and assist them in identifying appropriate avenues for Chapter related volunteer work.
    E.   Develop, with residency program directors, a NY Chapter2  pediatric resident club that provides opportunities for Chapter linkage and professional growth (through presentations, networking etc.) and promote similar interactions with medical students through a Medical Students Committee.
    F.  Acknowledge achievements and success of Chapter and Executive Board members. 
    NY Chapter 2 will facilitate communication between the Chapter and MCOs to ensure that pediatricians’ concerns are heard and responded to appropriately.Objectives

    A.   Re-define the purpose, structure and leadership of the Chapter’s Managed Care Committee so that this entity is used as the arena in which AAP policies, statements and tools regarding care and the financing of that care can serve as the grounding to educate, advocate and negotiate with managed care companies on behalf of children and pediatricians.
    B.   Establish avenues of communication between the above committee and District leadership to whom issues which cannot be resolved at the local level can be brought for possible intervention.
    C.   Provide feedback to Chapter members regarding the issues addressed by this committee and their outcomes.

    Note: Attention to leadership and membership of this committee is crucial to its success

    NY Chapter 2, will work with its members to increase visibility of the Chapter’s advocacy activities on behalf of children and pediatricians at the local, state and national levels.Objectives

    A.   Identify and recommend Chapter representatives to the District Legislative Committee who will serve as the conduit for information between the committee and the Chapter and ensure that advocacy issues from the Chapter are included in the overall District II advocacy agenda.
    B.   Provide advocacy training for designated Chapter members and link them with local elected officials with whom they will establish relationships as they advocate and educate to advance the District/Chapter advocacy agenda.
    NY Chapter 2 will be a recognized source of professional and public education.Objectives

    A.   Continue to co-host the Chapter’s Annual Education and Business Meeting with the four pediatric societies which are part of the Chapter.
    B.   Through Chapter committees, identify the need for and develop programs and resource materials for members, children/families, the community.
    NY Chapter 2, in forming new professional and support staffing relationships for the Chapter from the District Office, will ensure that this collaboration functions efficiently and effectively.Objectives

    A.   Develop communication systems to facilitate the flow of information between Chapter leaders and District professional and support staff.
    B.   With District II and NY Chapter 3, establish controls which will indicate the effectiveness and efficiency of activities undertaken on behalf of Chapters.
    C.   Formalize the Chapter’s budgeting process and reporting format of income/expenditures.

Strategic Planning Night, October 15, 2015