Chapter Committees

New York Chapter 2 of the AAP is governed by the Board of Directors and the Executive Officers.  The Board of Directors meets at least 4 times per year to conduct the business of the chapter.  The chapter committees meet at the discretion of the committee chairperson.

 In this section of our Web Site we publish news of the various committees of the Chapter. If the committee has a dedicated page, minutes can be found on the page.

Committee Chairs

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Adolescence Linda Carmine, MD

Recent Minutes
Archived Minutes
Anti-Bullying Poster and Resources

David Fagan, MD (Chair)
Mark Welles, MD (Co-Chair)
Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics/
Children with Disabilities
Jack Levine, MD  (Co-Chair)
Maris Rosenberg, MD (Co-Chair)
Lynn Davidson, MD (Co-Chair)
Disaster Preparedness Contact any of the officers or
Anthony J. Battista, MD
Early Career Physician

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Archived Minutes

Gopi Desai, MD
Environmental Health Lucy Weinstein, MD, MPH, FAAP
Steven Goldstein, MD, FAAP
Family Violence Ingrid Walker-Descartes, MD
Jamie L. Hoffman-Rosenfeld, MD
Fetus and Newborn Renu Aggarwal, MD
Finance Committee Marc Lashley, MD
Foreign Language Translations Open
Foster/Kinship Care Robert Lee, DO (Co-Chair)
Suanne Kowal-Connelly, MD (Co-Chair)
Infectious Diseases Paul Lee, MD
Leonard Krilov, MD
Injury, Poison & Violence Prevention Joseph Abularrage, MD
Sara Kopple, MD
International Pediatrics

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Archived Minutes

Gonzalo Sabogal, MD
Sanjivan Patel, MD

Recent Minutes
Archived Minutes

Shetal Shah, MD
Nutrition Toba Weinstein, MD
Parents Committee Vacant
Pediatric Council Steven Goldstein, MD
Quality Improvement Kenneth Bromberg, MD
School Health Richard Ancona, MD
Senior Pediatricians Vacant
Subspecialty Vacant
Yoga and Meditation

Ishvar S. Patel, MD
Ron Marino, DO



Chapter Liaisons

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Breastfeeding Co-Ordinator
Breastfeeding Brochure!

Archived Minutes

Lauren Macaluso, MD
Julia Block, MD, MPH
CATCH Co-Facilitators Ivan Hand, MD
Jennifer Pintiliano, MD
COCIT Liaison/Information Technology Anthony J. Battista, MD
Dental & Oral Health Vacant
Early Childhood Champion Vacant
EDHI COordinator Ivan Hand, MD, FAAP
Immunizations Kenneth Bromberg, MD
Inpatient Pediatrics

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Archived Minutes

Lori Gordon, MD
Alexandra Vinci, MD, FAAP
Media Spokesperson Vacant
Mental Health Liaisons

Recent Minutes
Archived Minutes

Carmel Foley, MD
PROS Representative
(Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk)
Paul Lee, MD (interim)
Webmaster Anthony J. Battista, MD