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This job board is provided as a resource for use by pediatric practices searching for practitioners and candidates searching for pediatric positions in New York.
Information is provided by practices or candidates.  All further inquiries and/or verification regarding candidates or practices must be transmitted directly to the provider of the information using the contact information as listed.
NY AAP Chapter 2 reserves all rights to monitor and remove any information placed on this resource, as well as to discontinue this service at any time.  This resource is provided by NY Chapter 2 and does not constitute the work or endorsement of the national American Academy of Pediatrics.
Chapter members, to have your job description/posting uploaded to this site, please email Jessica Geslani or Anthony Battista, MD.

PedJobs is the official AAP employment resource dedicated exclusively to the field of pediatrics.  PedJobs connects pediatric health care professionals with employers seeking their services.  PedJobs is free for all pediatric health care professionals.

Career opportunities are also available at YM Careers.