COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Practice Management Info for Pediatricians (from the NYS AAP – Chapter 2 & 3 Pediatric Council)

  1. Pediatric Council Update #1:  Important Phone and Telehealth Information for Pediatricians
  2. Pediatric Council Update #2:  Advocating for Telehealth Payment
  3. Pediatric Council Update #3:  Local Payer Updates
  4. Pediatric Council Update #4:  AAP & Local Payer Updates
  5. Pediatric Council Update #5:  Local Payer Updates
  6. Pediatric Council Update #6:  COVID-19 Local Payer Updates
  7. Pediatric Council Update #7:  Applying for CARES Act Funding & Vaccine Advocacy
  8. Pediatric Council Update #8:  COVID-19 Local Payer Updates

COVID-19 Updates & Resources (from the Chapter 2 President)

  1. COVID-19 Updates and Resources – 3/16/20
  2. COVID-19 Updates and Resources – 3/27/20
  3. Dr. Shetal Shah’s CNN interview regarding vaccinations during the pandemic
  4. COVID-19 Updates and Resources – 4/8/20
  5. COVID-19 Updates and Resources – 4/21/20
  6. COVID-19 Updates and Resources – 5/28/20
COVID-19 Updates from NY Chapter 2 Committee on Infectious Diseases
  1. What Pediatricians & Parents Need to Know About Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children Related to COVID-19
The AAP has a web page on where you can find the latest clinical guidance, recommendations from CDC, information for parents and other resources.  For questions or comments related to the pandemic, email  Additional resources:
AAP offers a series of recorded webinars on COVID-19:
In addition, New York State has updated sites:

Project TEACH along with our partners at MGH Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds created an important blog on how you can help support kids and teens through the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Other Resources: