Breastfeeding Initiative

As part of New York Chapter 2 of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) Strategic Planning process, members identified key themes and issues of greatest relevance to members of the child health care community across Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn and Queens.  An issue which received significant attention was the desire among pediatricians to increase ante-natal breast feeding education of mothers so they understand the significant benefits of breast milk and breastfeeding PRIOR to delivery.

In service of that goal, the AAP Chapter recruited 3 speakers who participated in short, educational video sessions meant to education obstetricians and expecting parents about the reasons to  breastfeeding.  The speakers include Dr. Lauren Macaluso, a pediatricians and certified lactation consultant who runs a practice dedicated exclusively to breastfeeding education and support, Dr. Renu Aggarwal, a neonatologist at Winthrop University Hospital and Chairwoman of the Chapter’s Committee on the Fetus and Newborn and Dr. Julia Aronovich, an obstetrician at Northwell Health and Fellow of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

We encourage you to view these videos by clicking on their names and share them with your obstetric colleagues, fellow pediatricians and parents.

In addition, New York State has published 2017 Perinatal Services Regulations regarding Breast-feeding for hospitals with Maternity and Perinatal services.