Mental Health, September 2015

Quarterly Report September 2015

The CAPPC grant is being renewed for another 5 years.

The hotline hours will expand from the current 9 am to 5 pm, to 8 am to 7 pm in January 2016.

Other deliverables will continue such as webinars and evening teleconferences on subjects chosen by pediatricians.

A new ‘coordinating structure’ is currently in the midst of the RFP process and outcome will not be known until year’s end.

This entity will have responsibility for training, like the r.e.a.c.h. minifellowship.  Current uncertainties about how this entity will operate with CAPPC should get clarified once the grantee is announced.

In the past year, I have gone out to several practices for 2 to 4 hour time blocks to deliver training on topics such as ADHD depression, anxiety, and aggression.  I am happy to do more of this. Interested parties should feel free to call me at 718 470 3550.

With the expanded phone hours, there is an expectation of greatly increased use of the hotline.  This is where we need any and all help to get the word out and facilitate registration and engagement of many more pediatricians in using the hotline.  I am happy to hear any advice from you and the membership that can help make this happen!

Respectfully submitted,

Carmel Foley, MD
Mental Health Liaison