New York Chapter 2: Internet Resources

Practice Enhancement Value Categories

Each resource listed in this index is classified into one or more of the following categories of information. Each category is designed to indicate how the Internet resource can potentially enhance the practice of general pediatrics.

Patient/Parent Information Patient/Parent Information: Geared primarily to parents and older children, this material may be a valuable resource for the pediatrician looking for patient educational materials or for a resource for interested parents.
Patient/Parent Support Off-line Patient/Parent Support (off-line): Information (telephone numbers, addresses, and membership information) pertaining to real-world support groups for a given disease or condition.
Patient/Parent Support (On-line) Patient/Parent Support (on-line): Opportunities for parents and patients to use the Internet to correspond with individuals with similar health concerns. Usually applies to electronic mailing lists.
Practice Guidlines Practice Guidelines: Material written for physicians to guide management of particular diseases or conditions.
Interaction with Colleagues Interaction with Colleagues: Opportunities for physicians and other health care professionals to communicate with one another via the Internet (usually electronic mailing lists). Some of these resources may also include communication with patients and parents.
Medical Reference Material Medical Reference Material: Information aimed at the physician, with varying levels of peer review, intended to serve as a reference to patient care topics.
Medical Reference Material Images and Other Media: Images, video clips, and sounds relevant to the understanding of pediatric topics.
Decision Support Decision Support: Internet resources where clinical input is taken from the user to provide assistance with a clinical decision, e.g., interpretation of viral titers.
CME Continuing Medical Education Off-Line: Information pertaining to meetings and other opportunities to pursue CME credits off-line.
CME Online Continuing Medical Education On-Line: Opportunities to earn CME credits using the Internet.
Professional Activities Professional Activities: Resources relevant to participation in professional organizations and opportunities for fellowships and other advanced clinical training.
Patient Care Patient Care: Resources which apply directly to the care of an individual patient, such as a referral program for patients with a given condition.  These types of resources are not apt to be listed very frequently in this index.