Youth and Adolescence, September 2015

Quarterly Report, September 2015

The Committee on Youth and Adolescents had its last meeting on 6/17/15 and a review of the responses to the Concussion Survey comprised the bulk of the meeting.

The outcome of the discussion was to:

  1. Prepare an Abstract for SAHM to be distributed and to serve as the beginning of a manuscript
  2. Develop a plan to create a Webinar by soliciting names of experts for the Webinar – perhaps reaching out to NYC and Cornell existing programs as well as University of Pittsburgh Concussion Center, Heads Up program at CDC
  3. Will review Canadian Neurology Guidelines and investigate curriculum for Webinar given the disparate modes of evaluation and care in practice

Some discussion was had regarding the Next Project – Educational Agenda was adopted with planned content to address:

  1. LGBTQ – working and reaching out to youth – standards of care; some work in place currently beginning with Pride for Youth; Pediatricians need support and education
  2. HIV & STI updates – implementation of early identification and treatment approaches; some practices STI test all teens regardless of history over age 15yo
  3. PrEP and PEP guidelines
  4. Vaccine acceptance/resistance

Respectively submitted,

Linda Carmine, MD, FAAP
Chair, Committee on Youth and Adolescence