Fetus & Newborn, September 2015

Quarterly Report September 2015
The Committee so far has been successful in inspiring neonatologists from Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau & Suffolk counties in networking, discussing policies and other neonatal issues through our annual meetings.

  • Keep enthusiasm and increase membership
  • Encourage networking
  • Discuss policies
  • Invite renowned speakers to discuss state-of-the-art topics
  • Bring new research ideas through meetings
  • Encourage pediatricians to attend meetings to better understand neonatal issues in providing follow-up care to infants

Last meeting date – November 6, 2014
Topic: “Preventing Blindness from Neonatal Retinal Disease: Digital Imaging, Treatment and Beyond”
Understand anatomy and physiology of premature eye development, its morbidities and possible complications beyond the neonatal period.
Respectfully submitted,
Renu Aggarwal, MD, FAAP
Chair, Fetus and Newborn Committee